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What We’re Listening To: Podcast Edition
by Christine White
June 3, 2020  •  6 minute read

Clicking the ‘browse’ button on your favorite podcast app and perusing the results may seem more than a bit overwhelming. Countless options beckon you to subscribe, and you may begin questioning your initial motivations for seeking something new to listen to. Were you really searching for something to make you laugh today – or will you miss out on something important if you don’t listen to the latest news podcast? Will you get lost in a deep examination of a true crime case at the expense of peeking into the lives of Hollywood’s elite? How can the latest science podcast possibly be more engaging than traveling back through history?

Not to worry, UT Libraries faculty and staff are here to save you from the podcast search rabbit hole. Check out our freshly curated list of recommendations below.

Zoe Bastone recommends: Armchair Expert

“Actor Dax Shepard hosts this podcast in which he interviews celebrities, writers, and scholars about the weirdness of the human experience. This show will make you laugh out loud and also make you think.”

Robin Bedenbaugh recommends: How Did This Get Made?

“This podcast has some great, very funny hosts who spend time deconstructing and making fun of bad and otherwise ridiculous films. I recommend starting with the Megaforce episode, which was recorded live before they started doing the show from quarantine. You should be hooked after that.”

Max Finley recommends: NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

“For music fans, this podcast broadcasts the ever-popular NPR YouTube music series that brings even the world’s biggest artists to an intimate venue that, many times, features acoustic or just different renditions of the songs listeners already love. This podcast gives the listener a private concert that sounds like it’s coming from your own bedroom.”

Niki Kirkpatrick recommends: Sawbones  

“This is a lighthearted and witty podcast that shows just how far medical practice has come. Hosts Justin and Dr. Sydnee McElroy are both exciting and informative in nature as they share some of the weird and misguided developments in medicine over time.”

Please enjoy a few additional recommendations below!

Podcast NameHost(s)GenreDescription
1619Nikole Hannah-JonesHistory and News400 years ago, a ship carrying more than 20 enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia. This New York Times audio series that examines the long shadow of that fateful moment.
Adventure ZoneClint, Griffin, Justin, and Travis McElroyComedy and AdventureBi-weekly podcast based loosely upon the popular Dungeons & Dragons game series, along with other role-playing games.
Code Switch Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol MerajiNews, Society and CultureThis NPR podcast tackles the subject of race head-on, exploring how it impacts every part of our society.
Crime JunkieAshley Flowers and Brit PrawatTrue Crime
Weekly true crime podcast that is presented in a suspenseful, easy to follow, conversational way.
Dolly Parton’s AmericaJad AbumbradMusic History6-part series examining one of America’s greatest icons, and her consistent following and appeal through varying audiences.
Harry Potter and the Sacred TextVanessa Zoltan and Casper Ter KuileReligion and SpiritualityAudio podcast in which the Harry Potter books are read as Sacred texts that are both inspirational and informational.
History of LiteratureJacke WilsonBooks and HistoryThis podcast examines the creative works of authors throughout time.
InvisibiliaAlex Spiegal and Hanna RosinSocial SciencesA reflective series that combines storytelling and science.
Just Na ScienceNicholas Volpe and Lauren MattinaLife SciencesThe hosts of this series humorously examine inaccurate science perpetuated as fact across social media, following up with evidence-backed information.
Marty Smith’s AmericaMarty SmithSportsESPN Host Marty Smith interviews both sports and entertainment stars. He has a unique way of storytelling that is always interesting to listen to.
OlogiesAlie WardComedic ScienceA humorous look at various scientific ‘-ologists’ to learn more about their specialties
Pretty IntenseDanica PatrickSociety and CultureInspirational interviews with guests from all aspects of life.
SinisterhoodHeather McKinney & Christie WallaceComedy and CrimeWeekly examinations of true crime, cult, or generally creepy topics.
The Plot ThickensTurner Classic MoviesFilm HistoryA documentary podcast about movies and their creators.
The UpgradeMelissa Kirsch and Alice BradleyEducationWeekly podcast filled with tips and tricks to help you navigate life.
This American LifeIra GlassPersonal JournalsReal life stories that entertain, inform, explore, and so much more.
This Podcast Will Kill YouErin Welsh and Erin Allman UpdykeLife SciencesThis podcast focuses on diseases, their history and biology.
Unlocking UsBrené BrownRelationshipsThe content of this podcast is varied, but all relates to connections and the human experience.
You Must Remember ThisKarina LongworthTV and FilmThis series explores, in a storytelling style, the secret histories of the beginning of Hollywood.