Apply for Funds to Archive and Share Your Data
November 2, 2023

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, researchers can apply for funds to archive and share their data. The Data Archiving and Sharing Fund assists UT Knoxville researchers in openly archiving and preserving data sets by providing up to $250 toward depositing a data set in the data repository Dryad.

The fund is supported in full by the University of Tennessee Libraries.

Dryad is an international open-access repository of research data. Deposit in Dryad allows researchers to satisfy publisher and funder requirements for data preservation and availability. Deposit in Dryad makes data discoverable, freely reusable, and citable.

The Data Archiving and Sharing Fund requires applicants to have an ORCID ID, a persistent identifier that helps researchers distinguish themselves from other researchers. In addition, eligible data sets must be fully open and include a Creative Commons public domain dedication (CC0).

The Data Archiving and Sharing Fund is open to anyone at UT Knoxville with originally-created research data. Priority is given to data from unfunded research. The funding maximum per project is $250, which will cover up to 70 gigabytes of data in Dryad.

Graduate students may seek funding for thesis and dissertation data. However the fund does not support archiving of data related to class assignments or projects.

Applicants should visit the Data Archiving and Sharing Support Fund webpage for more information or to fill out an application. Applicants are asked to defer application until their data is ready to be archived.