UT Libraries Unveils Digital Membership Card for Donors
September 26, 2022

The University of Tennessee Libraries has partnered with Cuseum to offer digital membership cards for John C. Hodges Society members who qualify for borrowing privileges. Cuseum serves numerous universities, museums, and membership-based entities across the country. Cuseum’s clients include the University of Tennessee Alumni Association and the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, making the platform a natural fit for the UT Libraries membership program.

Hodges Society members who contribute at least $100 annually to the UT Libraries qualify for borrowing privileges, a service that current university faculty, staff, and students can access through their university ID cards. In the past, qualifying donors would need to fill out paperwork at the circulation desk to receive a physical card to access these benefits. The new procedure will streamline the process for donors by sending them an email with instructions to download their card upon confirmation of their benefit.

The new digital cards, which are downloaded to your smartphone’s digital wallet, will allow members to view their borrowing card’s expiration date. The cards will also let the university update members’ expiration dates remotely. Donors without smartphones who wish to take advantage of borrowing privileges may retain their paper cards.

The John C. Hodges Society of the University of Tennessee Libraries helps the UT Libraries fulfill its vision to be an indispensable partner to every member of the Volunteer community as they discover and advance knowledge, engage with society, and strive for excellence. Membership benefits vary based upon giving level and may include the following: e-newsletter subscription, recognition in annual publications, access to borrowing privileges, and invitations to special events such as the annual Hodges Society Tailgate Party. For more information about the John C. Hodges Society visit: lib.utk.edu/society or contact us at hodgessociety@utk.edu.