“Studienbuch”: Pioneering Study in Piano Pedagogy Now in English Translation

The University of Tennessee Libraries announces the first known English translation of a pioneering study in piano pedagogy. Gottfried Galston’s Studienbuch records the thought processes and musical interpretations of a preeminent concert pianist as he perfected the repertoire for his 1907 concert tour. Galston’s Studienbuch — in both the original German and a new English … Continued

UT Press Joins the University Libraries

Effective July 1, 2020, the University of Tennessee Press joins the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus as a division of the University of Tennessee Libraries. The move follows a national trend of university presses and research libraries joining forces to advance their complementary missions.  “We have an exceptional library and an excellent university press,” said Holly … Continued

Transcripts of James K. Polk’s Final Correspondence Now Online

Letters from the final year of James K. Polk’s presidency are now available online. UT Libraries staff designed the website for the XML-encoded transcriptions. With online publication of this last portion of Polk’s correspondence, UT’s James K. Polk Project nears completion. The James K. Polk Project, based in UT’s Department of History, spent decades locating … Continued

UT’s Andrew Jackson Project Adds Tenth Online Volume

The Papers of Andrew Jackson project at the University of Tennessee gathers and publishes the papers of America’s seventh president. A tenth volume of Jackson’s papers is now available online. Since 1971, the project has been dedicated to transcribing and publishing Old Hickory’s entire written record. A worldwide search has gathered copies of every known … Continued

Share Your Response to “Station Eleven”

The UT Libraries is collecting essays and other creative responses to Station Eleven, last fall’s Life of the Mind reading, for a book to be published by Newfound Press, the UT Libraries’ online imprint. The Libraries welcomes all submissions that can be represented in a printed publication — essays, poems, works of art, even humor. … Continued

Three Volumes of UT’s Polk Letters Now Available Online

The letters of James K. Polk give insight into the politics, diplomacy, science, and culture of the 1840s, as well as a peek into the affairs of one of the most private men ever to occupy the presidency. Scholars, students, and history enthusiasts can now explore two keys years in Polk’s presidency, thanks to the … Continued

Newfound Press Publishes Joseph Bensman Essays

The latest book from the UT Libraries’ Newfound Press will be feted Thursday, February 5, at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center Program in Sociology. From Joseph Bensman: Essays on Modern Society collects the essays of the renowned humanistic sociologist and includes a new, analytical introduction by the editors, Robert Jackall and … Continued

Southern Anthropological Society
 proceedings online at Newfound Press: “Southern Foodways and Culture” is latest edition

Foraging for ramps, a sort of wild leek, is a springtime ritual for many families living in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The seasonal gathering, like many cultural traditions surrounding food, reinforces family bonds and community identity. Ramp gathering is one of the “foodways” examined in Southern Foodways and Culture: Local Considerations and Beyond, the proceedings … Continued